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David Gab - David Gab

“My passion is to create provocative Rock Music, that has inspiring

lyrics and rich sounds, through creative collaborations with

musicians that have global influence, to impact positive change for

social global justice through increased education in economically and

politically challenged countries”…David Gab

Hometown: Kutaisi, GEORGIA

David Gab, Singer/ Songwriter/Composer,

EP Album;  I Really Need Your Love
LP Album;  Gift Of The Gab

Vocals & Instruments played: Guitars, Bass, Keyboard, Organ with Tenor Voice

2" Ampex and Studer Tape Machines used for mixing and recording all tracks resulting in

rich, warm, unique sound with includes,
individual recorded tracks, from a variety of live instruments, each played exclusively by David Gab.

Recorded in Sydney Australia, Studios 301 and Linear-Recording

Original Music inspired by Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, Chuck Berry,
Jerry Lee Lewis, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple,
The Beatles!


  • 10+ Instruments Mastered: Grand Piano,Organ, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Contra-Bass, Harmonica and Drums/Percussion.
  • Music Composer: Original Songs for Classic Rock, Soft Rock, Hard Rock, Contemporary, Pop, Love Ballads, R&B, Country, & Jazz
  • Music Sound Engineering: recording, mixing, & editing on both tape and digital boards.


  • Languages: Georgian, Russian, English, Latin, Ukrainian, German, and Italian

Music Mission & Vision:


“My goal is to develop, lead, and perform exciting and thoughtful concerts,
in a collaborative spirit,
with fellow Grammy nominated and award-winning artists
who have a shared vision to create“Authentic music”
that has thoughtful lyrics and quality sounds that incorporate global instruments.
Let’s collaborate to impact people, to increase dialogue and action for
improved personal health for mind, body, and spirit.
As influential media leaders, who are closely watched and emulated, 
let’s strive to go deeper than our external ‘image and persona” to model and inspire
healthy emotional and physical habits. 

Healthy people can have great impact on both their local and
global communities as
global citizens
in the new millennium”
…David Gab

Global Appeal across audiences, ages, and countries for Rock-N-Roll performance artist who is most comfortable when and born to be entertaining people; live on stage and inTV/film. Experience living and performing across cultures, appealing to variety of ages, in USA, Europe, and AsiaPac. I see a future being a full-time live entertainer, delivering quality performances, doing Global Tours, with a band of fellow rock musicians, who are committed, like me, to deliver innovative Rock-N-Roll music, performing my original compositions. Enjoy being the lead soloist and master guitarist playing various electric, acoustic, and bass guitars from my personal collection.

Provocative Lyrics that stimulate the creation of online global social communities, through social media with a shared purpose to connect people with a passion for global social justice. It’s the goal of my writing to result in attention grabbing, yet quality music, with authentic sounds and truth-telling lyrics that have the potential to have a profound impact on people’s conversations, globally shared, through social media, live concerts, and TV/film. We can create global communities resulting in inspiring people to come together, across cultures, to solve complex problems of homelessness, political and civil unrest, lack of education, and poverty
Collaborative spirit to include fellow musicians, new to the LA music industry, to support and promote them, in a collegiate manner. Let’s bring together highly artistic and influential musicians to build, support, and create inspirational educational institutions to develop talented musicians who will be leaders in the future. Music does and will continue to inspire children of future generations, so let’s inspire them to be healthy people who are humane and socially just. This vision is inspired by my personal belief that positive lyrics, creative sounds, and authentic creation of new music using Rock-N-Roll as my inspiration and style, can result in highly influential music performed live and available online.
Clear Global Vision to inspire “Healthy Music and Healthy Thinking”. Hope to bring people together, across cultures, who are inspired to create and share “Healthy Music” that is organic, truthful, which stimulates critical “Healthy thinking” for increased awareness and understanding of the importance of how living in a truly post-modern global community, we can be more thoughtful about how we care for each other, contributing to peace, health, wholeness, and overall healthy living. Overall vision to create talk about how we can generously and selflessly care for one other recognizing the meaning of being “Human” and not just “Beings”.


Education & Music Conservatory Training:

Georgia Z.Faliashvili Conservatoire, Batumi, Georgia 2001-2004

Notable Achievements and Highest Honors Awarded: Mastered Four Major Study Areas:

  • Classical Contra-Bass
  • Classical Piano
  • Classical Composition
  • Classical Vocals – Tenor

Kutaisi High School, Kutaisi, Georgia 1996 – 2000:

• Led Rock-n-Roll Band Performances throughout high school experience

• Age 11 - Recorded first digital EP album with 5 tracks of original music
compositions for piano and voice

• Age 8 – Performed “That’s All Right Mama” as Elvis vocalist impersonator
in hometown of Kutaisis Theater in front of an audience of 1500 people

• Invited to attend GRAMMY University Student program, in Hollywood, CA, April-June, 2015


Compositions, Arrangements, and ALBUM Recordings: 

I Really Need Your Love from new LP album, Gift of The Gab

August 2015 - Los Angeles, CA; Created, Recorded & Produced
pop music “8-tracks” for various Top 40 pop artists in Peer
Music Studio with George Jackson.

January - June, 2015 - Perth, Australia;  created LP Recorded Album; “Gift of
the Gab”; released May, 2015 which includes 14 original songs
written, recorded, performed with vocals and each instrument
played, taped, produced and edited by David Gab with
Executive Producer, Thomas Michael Graham at Studio Linear

January - December, 2014 - Sydney, Australia; created EP Recorded Album at
Studio 301 with sound engineer/producer Guy Gray, Leon Zervos, and

Steve Smart, mastering engineers for; “I Really Need your
Love”; released March, 2014, with 5 original songs and music
video supported by VEVO video online station

January, 2012 -“Gethsemene” Song Arrangement from Jesus
Christ Superstar Movie; Recording, and Video Performance by
David Gab, on “You Tube” that resulted in being invited to be
an accepted as matriculated student for 6-month program to be
in musical/movie performance classes lead by George Babbs,
IMD, in Austin, Texas, USA.

2013- Present: South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas, played solo singing cover songs and playing acoustic guitar, in front of 10,000+ people playing Rock-N-Roll

August 2003; Rock-N-Roll "Solo Debut" as Vocalist and
Guitarist with 5-piece band backup put together by David Gab

September 2003; Batumi Stadium, Georgia, in front of 35,000 people
performed as lead soloist created band; “GT Batumi 5-piece Band”;
performed both original songs by David Gab and covers in

50’s, 60’s, & 70’s Classic Rock Golden Hits

March 2004; Batumi State Dramatic Theater, Georgia– 2 day live
concert with translation in Sputnik Satellite TV and broadcasted
throughout Europe in both Eastern & Western Europe. Live
performance in front of 14,000 people and broadcasted to over 10
million+ potential households

February, 2006; Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili State Drama Theatre,
Georgia, live performance in front of 1000+ people performance
original David Gab and cover; Rock-N-Roll songs

May, 2007; Tbilisi Concert Hall, Georgia, performed live in front
of 2700+ people performed all original David Gab songs with 5-
piece bands; Rock-N-Roll & Hard Rock
R&B Music Festival

March 2012; Urban Music Festival in Austin, Texas. Opened up
festival singing duet and playing electric guitar singing cover songs
with “TDG”; R&B artist, to open for Boys-to-Men & Baby Face in
front of 10,000+ people

July, 2010; Ongoing PAID/Invited Solo Performances for cover and original compositions  in Rockville, MD, USA in front of
150+ people at various bars/restaurants/clubs

June, 2011; Portland, OR invited by Gary & Kathy Buchannan
performed for private political party; Elvis Presley songs in front of
500+ people

December-May, 2012; Austin, TX. Clubs tour performing original
country songs by David Gab, including, “Elvis Presley and Johnny
Cash” which aired on Austin Music Radio, Speak Easy, Maggie Mays, Elvis is Here

August, 2015; Whisky-Go-Go in Los Angeles, CA, USA

July, 2015; Viper Room in Los Angeles, CA, USA

November 2015-Current; Sofitel Lounge, Los Angeles, CA – Jazz Improv on Piano, Singing, and with Guitar(s) playing at event that is "invitation only" with Grammy Award winning artists invited by Ryan Cross TRIO & Kenneth Crouch, Grammy Award Winning Pianist/Composer


THE VOICE - TV Competition: 

2012 - THE VOICE TV Show /Competition (THE VOICE TV Show in Tbilisi, Georgia; Quarter-Finalist – 2012)

Professional Affiliations/Memberships:

• Georgian Copy write Associate (GCA)
• MTV Account
• VEVO Artist/Member
• Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)
• National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS)