David Gab


David Gab
Singer Songwriter,age 32 from Country of Georgia
EP Album I Really Need Your Love
LP Album Gift Of The Gab
All tracks recorded and mixed on a 2 inch Ampex and Studer Tape Machine
Resulting in rich,warm unique sound with includes,individual Recorded tracks from a variety of live instruments.each and everyone played exclusively by David Gab.Instruments played: Guitars,Bass,Keyboard,Organ and Vocal
Recorded in Sydney Australia,Studios301 and Linear-Recording
Original Music inspired by Elvis Presley,Pink Floyd,Chuck Berry,Jerry Lee Lewis,Led Zeppelin,Deep Purple and The Beatles


When a rock singer David Gabidzashvili Stage name David Gab performs live, playing old-school rock hits as well as his songs from his new album, which he recorded in Australia. We offer you the story about this singer.

2003 a rock band “GT Batumi”, which played classical rock music was created in Batumi. Their songs became very popular. The band had concerts in Batumi and Tbilisi. However, it split up after three years. The vocalist and lead guitar player David Gabidzashvili continued his solo career and became quite successful. Last summer David recorded an album in Studios 301 in Sydney, Australia. The singer is currently in Tbilisi and the “Georgian PRESS” conducted an exclusive interview with him.

David, could you tell our readers how did your musical career begin?

I have to admit that as a musician I love Elvis Presley and old-school music. As a child I was trying to look like Elvis (with lot of hair gel I did my hair like him, was wearing flared pants and cowboy boots). With time I realized that music is expression of freedom and that the genres don’t matter. In Batumi we used to play classical rock. We recorded songs in Tbilisi and released the album named “Woman”. The band was short lived. We moved to Tbilisi and time-to-time we were taking part in festivals, had one concert on the stadium and two performances in the music hall. Our compositions such as “Tsispheri gaqvs Tvalebi” (“Your eyes are blue”), “Gaachere Dedamitsa” (“Stop the Earth”) and “Mdinare Khidis Quesh” (“The river under the bridge”), which was done in the rock-n-roll style, are still remembered.

What was after Batumi?

After Batumi I performed on couple of concerts in Tbilisi, however, shortly after that I moved from the stage to the pubs, meaning that I continued playing in clubs. Right now I am trying to go up there from where I came down- to return to the stage.

How is this attempt represented?

I went abroad first time 2007, in Washington DC, USA, where a very good friend of mine Johnny Dale Callahan lives. There we played together in the pubs. Shortly upon arrival to Georgia I left the second time and flew to Seattle. From there I arrived in one of the hippie towns near Portland and was playing hard rock and rock-n-roll for American audience. My next get-away was in Austin, Texas, where I’ve lived and played for six months.

What about your Australian adventure and most importantly how did you manage to record your album in one of the most prominent Studios in Sydney? 

After one of the gigs I met a London citizen Tom Michael Graham, who came to listen to me in Tbilisi. By that time I had a melody written and was looking for an English language lyrics. I told him about that and he wrote the lyrics in five minutes. I performed it right away. Next he invited me to the Hotel Inn, where we wrote another song in half an hour which we later recorded in Sydney. It appeared that Tom wrote about this accident to the night show in Sydney. The most important thing is that everything happened impromptu. As they say “everything happens for a reason”.

Before Tom left, he told me how happy he was when he was creating something and asked me to go to Australia. Couple of months later I arrived in Perth. In this city we wrote a song “I really need your love” and named the album after this song. I worked really hard on my accent and pronunciation. Eventually we arrived in Sydney and wanted to record with Sony Studio. They, on the other hand, recommended us the Studios 301 (where Bruce Springsteen recorded his new album “High Hopes”). There I was fortunate to work with award-winning producer/engineer/mixer Guy Gray who worked with the Rolling Stones. Our songs were mastered by the personal who worked with Whitney Huston, Aerosmith, etc.

You can find our songs on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, Seven Digit and so on. The good news is that Vevo Channel gave us a platform obtaining of which is really hard and our music video was filmed by the stuff who also worked with MTV.

Right now we are planning world-wide promotion with our mediator company

When is the releasing date of your album?

The CD and also the vinyl (aprx. 300, which was my personal wish) will be released in the end of February. However, you can already find a CD on Amazon, which is published by them.

By your wish as a reader, you can download my songs in mp3 format from Amazon for 4,99$. You can also order a CD that contains 5 songs, that were published on their website. At the end of December you will be able to download our songs from MTVs official website.

Also I’d like to add that my surname hasn’t changed. As you know foreigners have trouble pronouncing Georgian surnames so they subtracted some letters from mine, thus my name became David Gab.

Is the disk going to be sold in Georgia as well or is it going to be limited to Australia-America?

To be honest I don’t know the answer to this. I don’t know how many CDs will be released in total either.

Could you tell the readers about your future plans?

I hope I’ll be able to go to England at the end of January; I’d like to negotiate with the Abbey Road Studio. I can’t reveal much, but I promise I’ll give you the next exclusive.

What would you advice to your listeners and our readers?

Music is the remedy to the soul. The kind of music you listen to defines the kind of a person you will be in the future.

What idea does your music carry?

My music carries the ideas of love and protest. When I play rock music, it is an expression towards the love of freedom.

In my opinion society has the power to support establishment of a highly valued genre that is called Rock n Roll. We should not give the mind an opportunity to sleep; we must be sober not to miss what really matters in life, to move towards the future with hope and positive energy.


Author: Nata Tavadze, Georgian Press